[Watch webinar video] How DDI solutions optimize heathcare networks

[Watch webinar video] How DDI solutions optimize heathcare networks

Did you know that deploying a DDI solution—integrated DNS, DHCP, and IPAM— can enhance IoMT devices connectivity and reliably deliver round-the-clock Telehealth technologies across distributed healthcare network sites?

With a DDI solution, healthcare facilities can effectively manage their IT network infrastructure from a single pane of glass! By unifying the three core network services—DNS, DHCP, and IPAM—DDI solutions ensure critical services like video consultations, robotic assistance, and real-time health monitoring run seamlessly and reliably across interconnected networks. This integration enhances the efficiency of healthcare services and ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes.

Watch this webinar to discover how having DDI provides comprehensive yet detailed visibility and control, robust security, and automation for an agile, efficient, and compliant operational framework.

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ManageEngine DDI Central is a specialised network management solution that unifies DNS, DHCP, and IPAM into a single platform for improved operational efficiency and network stability. It discovers and manages existing ISC BIND 9 and ISC DHCP setups in both internal and external clusters and can also set up new clusters. DDI Central bolsters network security by implementing advanced protocols, providing oversight on network interactions, and offering real-time analytics for monitoring network performance and resource utilisation.

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