Warranty Status - HP, DELL and LENOVO

Warranty Status - HP, DELL and LENOVO

Good Afternooon All

What is the current status of using the REST API to import the warranty status ofr HP, DELL and LENOVO.
When we signed up a for the SDP Cloud version i was informed that i should be able to pull this info in using the API.

Logged a call with support and they informed me that i must use the import / export functions, howerver we will have more than 7000 CI in the system and this workaround will not work as it has a limited of 2000.

Also looking for the community topics i notice that the support team did reply that this is in development mode and will be picked up through the scan. Any news on when this will be available for testing.

The Asset Managment component is critical for our business and one of the main reasons why we went for SDP Cloud
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