Using VAR Bind's in SNMP Trap Processor ?

Using VAR Bind's in SNMP Trap Processor ?

Hi guys,

I'm currently trialing this for my company and I'm really enjoying this monitoring software personally sleek and easy to use but with configurability as well ! Big up on you guys !

I have however multiple questions about how you can edit things in this monitoring system but lets start with the basics

I'm trying to create an Alert by using the LinkDown(V2) SNMP Trap for a Cisco Switch ( Cisco Catalyst
2924 CXLV ) all the Var binds in it currently is working great however I want to pull the Description of that specific port that just changed state to down in this same alert as well how would I go by to do this ? And also I've read some of your earlier posts that gave me an idea of what I can use but the best I got was 

SourceMO(variable), AgentMO(variable) and IF-SourceMO(variable) but I cant find any documentation on how these functions work I assume its Java functions using arrays to populate values out of SNMP strings ? If so where can we get an ouput of all the possible values we can pull from these 3 functions that would be VERY useful to me if I can get that working would be 10/10 for OpManager Engine

Thank you in Advance

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