Using Rest API to GET attributes like Manager, Title

Using Rest API to GET attributes like Manager, Title

Hi there,  I am new to this community and am using what I believe is a very old version of ADManager Plus (Version 7.0, Build 7066) on-prem.

I need to pull user attributes out of ADManager Plus for a custom integration.  I am able to use the <URL>/RestAPI/SearchUser? code to get a standard set of attributes:  


returns these user attributes:


But can I customize the attribute fields it returns?  At least I need to add a couple of user attributes that it is not returning:   Manager, Title.    I know these attributes exist because they are in one of our custom reports.

I have tried specifying the fields to return similar to how i've done it with other Rest API's, but it still just dumps out this standard set of attributes.

Alternatively, can I use the API to run a report?  We have a custom report that has everything I need.  I just need to be able to have it download as a CSV without manually having to do it.  (i.e. via command line script like Powershell.   I use the Invoke-Webrequest functionality a lot and it has worked quite well with Rest API calls from other applications.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!