Using ADManager Plus' templates to modify users through CSV import

Using ADManager Plus' templates to modify users through CSV import

Modifying user accounts is often done to assign roles or access permissions, change titles, move to or remove a user from groups and other critical actions. When done manually, it is prone to human errors and is time-consuming. The user modification templates are time and resource efficient as they help technicians and administrators in standardizing and applying the same changes to multiple users, at once. To modify users in bulk, technicians resort to using the CSV import option as a time-efficient alternative to manually modifying user accounts.

ADManager Plus, now allows technicians to use both these features in tandem to apply modification templates to multiple users simultaneously, in a few clicks.


Steps to use ADManager Plus' modification templates with the CSV import option:


  1. Logon to ADManager Plus.

  2. Navigate to Management tab > User Management > User Modification > Modify Users Using Template

  3. Select the domain from Selected Domain drop down menu.

  4. Select the User Modification Template that you wish to apply from the Selected Template drop down menu.

  5. Import a CSV file with a list of users and their attributes to be modified. You can enable the Validate CSV option to validate the imported data.


  • The templates specified in your CSV file will have precedence over the selected template.

  • The attribute values from the imported CSV file will have precedence over the values from the selected template.

  • If the validate CSV option is enabled, all users from the CSV file will be listed along with their validation status.

  1. Select the desired user accounts and click on the Update in AD button to update the modifications in Active Directory.

  2. In the Select Attributes window that pops up, select the attributes that you wish to modify and configure the options in Advanced Options and click OK.


Tune in next week for another quick tip for better identity and access management!



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