User/technician API v3 changes over the ESM (11000) release

User/technician API v3 changes over the ESM (11000) release

Dear Customers,

                 Hope you are all aware that we are working on the next version of API (v3) now. We would like to share a part of this API v3 before the ESM release. So customers can be well prepared to adapt the new API changes anytime. Requester/technician related APIs(v1/v2) wont be supported anymore after the ESM (11000) release. You may need to update your existing requester/technician related API's with this latest v3 version.  

The ESM version has some changes towards the user/technician APIs. We use a common term under the ESM Directory as ' Users ' instead of ' Requesters'   and ' Technicians'   separately. Once the user is moved to the respective instance, 'Users' will be termed as ' Technicians ' and ' Users ' (no more requesters) based on their roles. This will be applicable all over the user related API calls. 

Let's see the URL difference between the API v2 and v3 

URL format changes
API v2

 User CI (CMDB)
Requester servlet api
Technician servlet api

Please refer the links below on the user/technicians API v3 detailed format. These links will have both v2 and v3 API formats


Requester and Technician API may be used in following places. You may need update these places too
1. Custom Trigger ->Execute Script in Admin Tab
2. Business Rule ->Execute Script
3. Custom Menu
4. Incident/Service Template ->FAFR Scripts
5. Widget Customization
6. CustomScripts.js in <sdphome>\custom\script folder

With ESM (11000) release, requesters can be given access for GET and GET ALL users api operations to achieve certain requirements. This will be disabled by default and needs to be enabled by executing the below query in the database,

update globalconfig set paramvalue=true where parameter = 'AllowUserAPIInRequesterLogin';

Refer to this article for the instructions to connect to the database.

Refer to the articles to know about the changes made on the API operations that needs an update in the scripts as well.

Please post your questions here or send us a mail to 

Thank You

Arun Kumar 
ServiceDesk Plus

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