User Specific folder installation into appdata as a self service package?

User Specific folder installation into appdata as a self service package?


I'm relatively new to ManageEngine, and have created just a few basic configs for deployment, either as packages or as silent installers via the Self Service Portal

What I have this time though that I'm trying to achieve and get my head around how to do this, is to deploy an exe that installs its own files into the folder that it is ran from.  This app is user specific so needs to be ran per user.  On first run of the exe, it finds the local server on site to pull down the config it needs for the site and user.  It also creates a shortcut into the users desktop to the exes location from wherever it was ran from

This is to go on a specific group of machines, but as it is a user specific app, I was thinking it maybe only installable by each person from the self service.  The people in the rooms may alternate too

I was thinking to achieve this, to set a predeployment activity, to go to $userlocalappdata\Appname, and to then run itself from there for that first time setup by the user to point to the local path, then they should have their icons on the desktop ready for running from that point.  However, I'm uncertain how to achieve this, as creating a package requires me to select the package first and run based on the installer.....

Any ideas please to get me onto the right lines for achieving this?

My current line of thinking whilst writing, perhaps is to package a 7z file with a .cmd and the .exe to maybe extract to the userfolder from the .cmd file perhaps?

Thank you