Use network account for Kiosk login

Use network account for Kiosk login

I've attempted to use MDM through Desktop Central in order to set up a Windows 10 multi-app kiosk.  I enrolled the device and assigned it to the desired basic network user.  I created the profile and also assigned it to the device.  However, the device insists on creating its own local account on the fly to log into the machine.  I've verified that the domain account is listed in the local users.

I've attempted to edit the registry with the domain user account for autologin after applying the policy (  This does auto-login the device with the desired account and still appears to have the unauthorized software blocked, however it doesn't change the UI to the streamlined (can only see the accessible apps on the desktop) version that I see when I allow it to use the self-generated local account.

Unfortunately, we do need a domain enabled account to access a particular file on the network.  I'm sure I can find a way around it (map the drive using the network account), but it would be a lot simpler if we could just log in using the account we created for this purpose.  The documentation seems to indicate that this is how it should work (use a precreated account), and mentions nothing about creating its own account.

Can anyone assist me?  I'm pretty sure being rather new to this particular software that I'm probably missing something obvious.

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