URGENT: we have lost our entire fileAttachments\conversations folder

URGENT: we have lost our entire fileAttachments\conversations folder

We had to increase the maximum attachment size yesterday from 10MB to 15MB, but we kept getting an error that the default location to save attachments was an invalid path.

We needed it to go to D:\ServiceDesk\fileAttachments, but it wouldn't let us set to that.

It would only allow us to click 'Reset' and set it to D:\ServiceDesk.

So we did that, then just did an SQL query to update it back to D:\ServiceDesk\fileAttachments.

We have found now that our ENTIRE D:\ServiceDesk\fileAttachments\conversations folder has disappeared, no where to be found.

It's been saving the new attachments in D:\ServiceDesk\fileAttachments\fileAttachments for some reason, but the original \conversations folder has been completely removed.

Version 13.0 Build 13009


Probably related, but it's been creating recursive empty folders: D:\ServiceDesk\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments\fileAttachments
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