Upgrade to the latest version, ServiceDesk Plus 14200 build

Upgrade to the latest version, ServiceDesk Plus 14200 build

Hi Team,
just for your information:
I've tried to upgrade my SDP to the latest version (14.200) when suddenly, the process blow out.
Analysing the logs, there was a reference about a duplicate key:

java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.CustomFunctionDetails' with unique index 'CustomFunctionDetails_UK2'. The duplicate key value is (global_function_5, 1).

I restored the previous version and looked for my deluge global functions. One of my first functions had "global_function_5" as its API Name. I changed it to a friendly name and tried again the new build upgrade.

It was installed without any errors. After that, I saw that there is a new global function "Construct input data for creating Microsoft teams channel" with API Name "global_function_5".

So, before applying the 14.200 build, be sure that there isn't any global function with that API Name! If you have it, just change its name to upgrade without errors (with these errors you need to restore the application. The process can't be automatically reverted)

Pedro Sousa Dias

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