Update to 10.1.2121.4 crashed and now unable to start server

Update to 10.1.2121.4 crashed and now unable to start server


I already have a support ticket but wanted to share my situation so anyone who encounters it may be able to use this to get ahead of the game, or maybe someone already found a solution for this and I can learn from them.

When we updated from 707 to 2121.4 our update process got hung up on Post invocation, and was hung for ~3 hours then crashed. We were unable to start the desktop central service, and our last good backup of the server was from the previous day. 

I checked the logs, namely the wrapper.log file and found this line

"Previous Patch not applied properly, hence contact support team"

I've got a ticket with support (#2105130)

I checked a couple other logs and most just reference the same error message without providing additional detail, serverout0 log output

"[com.adventnet.mfw.ServerFailureException]|[INFO]|[19]|[]: Error Msg : Previous Patch not applied properly, hence contact support team|"

Since the process got hung up when it was doing something with PostgresDB I checked the dc_service_log and found this line

"Postgres Database is ready for accepting connections"

This tells me that the DB itself is at least working that doesn't necessarily mean it's working correctly but the service itself is running.

Lastly I checked the update logs and found this line

"[com.zoho.cp.ConnectionPool]  [INFO] : ClusterIP:localhost Idle Connection Removed from the pool: {PhysicalConnection :: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgConnection@4ddf1518, isUsed :: false, isValid :: true, stackTrace :: } Idle for more than 30[mins]"

This is preceeeded by quiet a few of the same message, the last message I found before that item was the following.

"[com.adventnet.osd.patchupdate.plugins.OSDHandlerPlugin]  [INFO] : DriverModelMapping table present in DB. Hence proceeding..."

That's all the info I have so far, I do plan to update this posting as I find more or one I have desktop central working again, to share our findings with the community so if someone has this in the future maybe it'll help them.