Upcoming Release : Lookup Field Enhancements

Upcoming Release : Lookup Field Enhancements

Dear users,

                        We are ready to unwrap the upcoming enhancements in Lookup Field. Below is a brief run-through of the same:

Lookup Field Enhancements
  • You can now add lookup fields to request templates. To create a lookup field for requests, go to Setup > Customization > Additional Fields > Request Additional Field, select Lookup Field as Field Type, and provide necessary details or configure conditions as required. The supported reference entities for request lookup fields are Department, Requester, Site, Status, Technician, User, Vendor, and Custom Modules.
  • You can now filter the allowed values from the reference entity by configuring the appropriate criteria. When configuring criteria, you can either choose static values or dynamic values using variables. This option is available for requests, assets, CMDB, and custom modules.
  • The Do not allow deletion of Field Values option is now available for Department, Site, Status, Vendor, and Custom Modules when configuring them as reference entity for request lookup fields. By enabling this option, the values of reference fields that are in use will not be removed but will be marked as not for further use when deleted.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! We will update once these enhancements are untied in live.

Kindly share your thoughts/queries/feedback .

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