Upcoming EOL and Behavior changes of API in SDP MSP 13.0 release

Upcoming EOL and Behavior changes of API in SDP MSP 13.0 release

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Greetings for the day. This is a consolidated announcement about our upcoming EOL and Behavior changes of API in ServiceDesk Plus MSP (SDP MSP) 13.0 release.

We are working on our next major release ServiceDesk Plus MSP - 13.0. This release has enhanced version of V3 API and certain API's are provided with EOL. This release is due by Oct'22. This release is built on top of our flagship application SDP 13.0 , hence the SDP MSP version is named as 13.0.

Impacted Areas

Any external products, web clients, desktop applications which are integrated to ServiceDesk Plus MSP via the V3 APIs would be impacted post the SDP MSP 13.0 upgrade. Hence, please make sure you update your integration layer with new API's.


For any questions, you may reach us via the Community Forums or, by sending us a mail at support@servicedeskplusmsp.com

Details as follows :

1. EOL for Task V3 APIs

We would like to inform you that an enhanced version of the V3 API has been released with format changes that are applicable for Task operations. The older version of the V3 API is marked for EOL (End-Of-Life). To get more information on the changes between the old and the updated version, please refer to this link for details.

2) Behavior Change in Custom Trigger Scripts 

The current_stage and approved_stage keys in custom trigger input JSON are renamed as current_level and approved_level respectively. Users are advised to update their custom trigger scripts accordingly as the older keys will be deprecated shortly post-release of request approvals API.

3) Old attachment v3 api depreciation

We would like to inform you all that we have revamped the attachment V3 API (api/v3/attachments) for better security and performance. 


What's changed?


Add attachment


api/v3/{entity_name}/upload (POST Http method) - This API can be used to upload a file. The ID from the resulting response data can be sent as an input for the entity's add/edit operation for associating the uploaded file as an attachment.


api/v3/{entity_name}/{id}/upload (PUT Http method) - This API can be used to upload as well as associate the uploaded file as attachment to the respective entity.


Get all attachments 

api/v3/{entity_name}/{id}/attachments - This API can be used to get all attachments.


Delete an attachment 

api/v3/{entity_name}/{id}/attachments/{attachment_id} - This API can be used to delete a file attachment.


Download attachment 

api/v3/{entity_name}/{id}/attachments/{attachment_id}/download - This API can be used to download a single attachment.


To learn more click here. (Applicable for SDP MSP too)

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