Upcoming enhancements like Sample Entry population, Asset Fine-Grained Access , Share requests , Follow request, Zia auto approval

Upcoming enhancements like Sample Entry population, Asset Fine-Grained Access , Share requests , Follow request, Zia auto approval

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We are elated to announce the upcoming enhancements like Sample Entry population, Asset Fine-Grained Access , Share requests , Follow request, Zia auto approval. Below is a brief run-through of the same:



Sample Entry population

SDAdmin can populate sample data in modules and admin configurations to test the working of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. The populated data can be retained or deleted from the banner on the Setup page.


Asset Fine-Grained Access

Allow/restrict technician access to certain assets/consumables based on criteria or product types. For example, you can configure a Fine-grained Access (FGA) to allow access to product types with routers, switches, and printers and then associate the FGA with the intended technicians.

You can configure FGA under Setup > Users & Permissions > Fine-Grained Access > New Asset FGA.


Share Requests

  • You can now share requests with technicians, requesters, technician groups, or organization roles from the request details page. To share a request, go to the request details page and click Actions > Share.
  • Only users with share request permission can share requests. You can configure share request permission from Setup > Users & Permissions > Roles.
  • A new notification rule Notify user when a request is shared with them is added under Setup > Automation > Notification Rules > Request.
  • New filters Pending Requests Shared with Me and Requests Shared with Me are added to the Requests filter drop-down.

Follow Request

  • Users and technicians can now follow requests that are within their scope and receive updates on them. This helps technicians and users to be aware of the happenings of a request that are important to them or their team.
  • Manage Followers-Technicians with Manage Followers permission can remove or add followers to requests. They can use the Manage Followers option under Actions menu to manage followers.
  • New Filter in Request List View-A new filter Requests Followed by Me is added to Requests list view to filter only the requests you follow.
  • New Notifications added to Notification Rules-The following Notifications are added for the Follow Request feature under Setup > Automation > Notification Rules > Requests.

 Request Reply Template

  • While replying to request conversations, technicians can now select Reply All option to send the reply to all users in the To, CC, and BCC fields.

  • When a technician replies to a request where they are the requester, the reply form will now load as per technician view.

  • Attachment field UI is enhanced for better usability. 

Behavior Change

  • While replying to conversations, only To field will be auto-populated.

  • While replying to all, To, Cc, and Bcc fields will be auto-populated.

  • Technicians can now reply, reply all, and forward all emails sent by users.

  • For notifications generated by system, technicians can resend or forward them.

Zia Auto Approval Request

Zia Artificial Intelligence can be trained to predict approval actions for requests based on the reply email sent by approvers. With adequate training, Zia can auto-apply the predicted approval action to requests.

Note : All upgrades and feature releases, will be in-service and there won't be any downtime or service interruption.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! We will update here once these upgrades are unwrapped in live

Please share your thoughts/queries/feedback.

For more information , kindly refer to https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/cloud/pre-release-notes.html

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