Upcoming enhancements in Problem, Reports

Upcoming enhancements in Problem, Reports

Dear users,

We are elated to announce the upcoming enhancements in Problem, Reports  .Below is a brief run-through of the same:


Problem Enhancements 

  • You can now create a solution or workaround specific to a problem and add it to Solutions using Save and Add to Solutions.

  • Added options to copy and associate a solution or workaround from the solution database to the Problem Solution.

  • Technicians can now use closure codes while closing a problem. SDAdmins can configure closure codes under Setup > Customization > Problem Management > Closure Code.

  • You can now associate multiple changes to a problem.

  • Added option under problem closure rules to mandate association of a change to a problem.

  • The closed state of a problem is now conveyed by a stamp on the right panel of the problem details page.

  • The Mark as Known Error option is now available in the Actions drop down if the value of Known Error is No.

  • New notification rules are added under Setup > Automation > Notification Rules > Problem.

    • Notify group members when a new problem is assigned to their group.

    • Notify technician when a new response is received.

    • Email users when a note is added to the problem.

  • You can now send email notification to org roles (Reporting Manager) and users (Reported By, Technician) associated with the problem.

  • The UI text for problem notification rules Notify to incident technician/requester is now modified as Send Notification for Problem for better user understanding.




  • Problem reports now support the Closure Code and Closure Comments fields.

  • Solution reports now support the Associated Problem ID, Associated Problem Title, and Associated Problem Type fields.

For more information, Kindly refer to https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/cloud/pre-release-notes.html

Note : All upgrades and feature releases, will be in-service and there won't be any downtime or service interruption.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! We will update once these features and enhancements are unwrapped in live.

Please share your thoughts/queries/feedback.

Thanks and regards,


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