Upcoming enhancements in custom domains , Zia

Upcoming enhancements in custom domains , Zia

Dear Users,

We are elated to announce the upcoming enhancements in custom domains , Zia .Below is a brief run-through of the same:

Multiple  Custom Domains  

You can now create multiple custom domains and associate them with specific help desk instances.

Adding a Custom URL 

To create a new customized domain URL for accessing ServiceDesk Plus Cloud,

1. Go to ESM Directory > Organisation URLs >  New Custom URL. 

2. Enter a sub domain name and select the verified domain from the drop-down.

3. Click Verify & Save. 

 Associating URLs to Instances 

Once you have added and verified the custom urls, you can associate them with instances.

 To associate a custom url with an instance,

While creating a new instance, select and associate a URL in the Custom URL field. 

To change the custom URL,

  •  Go to Service Desk Instances in the ESM Directory.
  • Choose an instance and click Edit Instance.

  • Under the Custom URL field, you can select the url you want to associate with this instance. All verified custom URLs will be listed in this field. 
  • Click Update. Now, the selected custom url can be used to access this particular instance.

  Note: You can also associate a custom url with multiple instances.  

  Spanish Support for Zia  

Zia AI now supports field predictions in Spanish.

  Note : All upgrades and feature releases, will be in-service and there won't be any downtime or service interruption.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! We will update here once these upgrades are unwrapped in live

Please share your thoughts/queries/feedback.

Thanks and regards,

Ramyaa Raj

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