Upcoming enchancements in Contract

Upcoming enchancements in Contract

Dear users,

We are elated to announce the upcoming enhancements in contracts .Below is a brief run-through of the same:



Indefinite Contract Validity Term  

You can now set an indefinite validity term for contracts. To set an indefinite contract term, select Indefinite for the Contract Term in the contract add form and choose the Active From date.

Contract Auto-renewal  

Using this option, you can choose to auto-renew contracts. From the contract details page, select users you want to notify about the renewal and choose a Prolongation period in days, months or years.

Renewed contract will be saved as a new entry in the list view.

Save Contracts as drafts  

For contracts that are a work in progress, you can save them in drafts and get back to them when required. Use the Save Draft button on the contract add form to save contracts in drafts.

Note: You cannot mark a contract in the draft stage as the parent contract. You can change the vendor for the contract in the draft stage.


Contract Conversations  

You can now view all conversations related to the contract such as email, notifications, and notes in one tab. Navigate to the Contract Conversations on the details page to view all the conversations.

Contract Usage  

View how the contract is utilized. You can see the contract usage based on the assets or requests. Access Contract Usage tab in the contract details page to view the contract usage data.

Cancel a Contract  

You can cancel a contract that is no longer needed. To cancel a contract, from the details page, click the Actions menu and select Cancel Contract.

In the pop-up that opens, enter a reason for canceling the contract and choose if you want to notify anyone about it. If yes, then enter the email address.

Add Notes to Contracts  

You can add important information that you want to add to the contract as a note. To add a note, click on Actions menu and select Add Note.  Add the required information, add attachments if any, and add technicians you want to notify about the note and click Save.

Contract Template   

You can now configure a template for frequently created contracts and save time & effort of your technicians by helping them avoid redundant field entries. Using the template, technicians can also easily add a new contract with pre-populated fields.

To add a new contract template,

Go to Setup > Templates&Forms > Contract Templates > New Contract Template 


Contract Type Accessibility  

You can now restrict the accessibility to certain contract types. You can do so by adding the intended technician names/org roles who can access the contract in the Accessibility field in New Contract Type form.

Note : All upgrades and feature releases, will be in-service and there won't be any downtime or service interruption.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! We will update once these features and enhancements are unwrapped in live.

Please share your thoughts/queries/feedback.

Thanks and regards,


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