Upcoming API changes in ServiceDesk Plus MSP - 10.6 release

Upcoming API changes in ServiceDesk Plus MSP - 10.6 release

Dear Users
From ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.6, support for Requester and Technician related APIs (v2 API) will be discontinued. We recommend to update your existing user API to the latest version (v3 API) for a hassle-free access to the application.
ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.6 includes the following changes in the user/technician APIs. Going forward, MSP Requesters and Technicians will be collectively addressed as Users, and account-specific requesters will be addressed as Requesters. These changes are applicable to all user related API calls across the application.
The differences in URL between v2 API and v3 API are captured in the following table:
URL Format Changes
API v2
API v3
Update the API configurations in the following areas where the requester and technician API might be applicable: 
  1. Execute Script action for:
    1. Business Rules
    2. Custom Triggers
    3. Field and Form rules
  2. Request Custom Menu
  3. Widget Customization
CustomScripts.js under <Product_Home>\custom\script folder
With the release of ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.6, SDAdmins can allow requesters to access GET and GET ALL user API calls. Execute the below query in the database to enable this option:
update globalconfig set paramvalue='true' where parameter = 'AllowUserAPIInRequesterLogin';
Click here to view the steps for connecting to the database.
Reach out to us at support@servicedeskplusmsp.com for clarification.
Thank you


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