Unable to download MS O365 Patches

Unable to download MS O365 Patches

Hii Team.

I'm having some issues while downloading the MS 365 patches.1. Every time I attempted to download the patches; the status would eventually switch to "status-icon Draft - Download Failed". I have contacted the ManageEngine support and did some troubleshoot with them.

The patch id which I deployed was 38451 (Monthly update for MS 365) and it is showing download status as success in Patches -> Downloadable patches section. I have tried to deploy some older patches such as 38282, 38283

I have followed the documentation: MS365 issue and did the steps as mentioned. still, it's not getting download and ManageEngine support asked to contact the Microsoft support to further troubleshoot.

I just wanted to know if any others had/having the same issue as mine. If yes, what steps did you take to resolve the issue. If anyone could spare a few moments to offer advice, suggestions, or share their expertise, I would be incredibly grateful. Your insights would undoubtedly be invaluable in helping me navigate through this situation.

I will attach the relevant images.
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