Ultipro (UKG) automation, some questions?

Ultipro (UKG) automation, some questions?

The existing documentation that ADMP has for integrations is pretty sparse.  And the logging is atrocious.  I am experimenting with the Ultipro (UKG) integration in ADMP.  I have successfully gotten the synchronization to work via automation.  But now i am experimenting with automated user account creation.  The intent is for the automation to fire an approval workflow when there is a new employee in UKG.  So i have some questions that are not answered by the minimal documentation.

How does the automation know that an employee record in UKG is new?  

For the sync automation, I attempted to filter on UKG records where employeestatus was NOT 'T' (terminated in UKG).  but this did not filter at all.  i still got a sync job that ran against +24000 UKG records.

Setting up an automation to fire a business workflow is confusing.  You check the box for 'Implement business workflow' but when you click the business workflow link to assign the workflow, you get a message about losing changes if you navigate away from the page.  Then you are directed to the Workflow tab but there is no option to check a box to assign the workflow to the automation.  if you then edit the workflow there is no indicator of what automation the workflow is assigned to.  Then you need to set up an assigning rule?  none of this is clear in the documentation.  at least none that have found yet.  

So either i am missing something or the automation/workflow setup is just kludgy.  is there any better documentation or videos that show how to actually set up an integrated automation/workflow process?

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