Usa a common requester for different Acconts

Usa a common requester for different Acconts


Use a common requester for several accounts? I'm sure I'm not the only person facing this issue with the MSP product.

It is not a unique scenario to have customers, departments, or organizations that share a common requester. Not having a solution for this makes the product somewhat obsolete, I would say. In those cases, I have to come up with human-dependent solutions for handling the scenarios, and I will not fully realize the potential of the product in making it a tool for serving the IT organization.

If this is the only way the product can be built, could you please give hints for a half-decent solution?

The burning issue for me is that I can't communicate through email from incidents/requests which might come from different accounts to a common requester, the message don not get the rigth sender email adress..


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