Tip #6: Scheduling reports in Exchange Reporter Plus.

Tip #6: Scheduling reports in Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to generate reports both on demand and by scheduling them. These reports are provided by gathering data on various Exchange components.

Steps to schedule a report:

  1. Click the Admin tab and go to Report Scheduling.

  2. Select the Schedule New Report button on the top right corner of the page.

  3. Specify the Schedule Name and Schedule Description.

  4. Select a Report Category and a specific report under the category using the drop-down menus shown on the screen.

  5. Use the Generate Reports On and At drop-down menus to specify the report generation frequency.

  6. Select the Report Format (CSV, PDF, XLS, or HTML) and Storage Path where the reports will be stored.

  7. Check the Email this Scheduled Report checkbox to email the report to the email addresses specified.

  8. Click Save.