Ticket Time Elapsed For Each Group

Ticket Time Elapsed For Each Group


I've searched the community and so far I am unable to find a report for the below.

Within Analytics Plus I'm trying to create a report to show how long a ticket has been within each group. I would then produce a report for the average time a ticket is within each group. 

I can see each ticket has Time Analysis which is exactly what I am looking for, however whenever I am trying to run any report on Time Elapsed it just provides me with a total time the ticket has elapsed, and not the breakdown of each group.

For example below screenshot shows a ticket has spent 1 minute in a group and then 18 minutes in another. 

Using the query from another post: Query for time elapsed per group (manageengine.com) this would provide the below, only giving me a total of the time spent rather than how much time has been spent in each group:

Please let me know if you're able to assist? If this cannot be done in Analytics Plus and has to be done within the database we're using SQL Server.

Many thanks!