Ticket Closure Happens Before SLA Can be Applies to Request by Business Rule

Ticket Closure Happens Before SLA Can be Applies to Request by Business Rule

Hello folks,

We have run into an issue with our cloud application where when a technician closes a request from the edit request dialogue by setting the dropdown to closed and updating the other mandatory closure fields the request closure happens first in the order of operations, then the business rule that applies an SLA to the request based on a subcategory only gets applied to the request after the closure.  This results in requests being overdue past the SLA time but not being flagged/Overdue status=true even though they are actually violating SLAs.  

Has anyone else facing this issue found a clever workaround to prevent this from happening?  At the moment this is impacting one of our sites.  The current setup for them is that they have SLAs applied based on the priority field in the incident template.  The Priority field is set automatically by a business rule that runs on created/edited when the subcategory field is changed to match a certain value.  The on-prem ME workflow prior to us migrating from the cloud ran the business rule first in the order of operations when a request was closed.  The cloud application performs the request closure first, then runs the business rule.  This results in the SLA being applied to a request that is already closed and not showing a violation status or flag even though it should.  I will include request history of on-prem and cloud to show what I mean with order of operations.  Having the SLA applied on all request coming into that site as soon as they are fetched from email is not an option, otherwise that would have been my first thought at a workaround.


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