[Term of the Day]:Wi-Fi

[Term of the Day]:Wi-Fi

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Definition — What is a Wi-Fi?

The term Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”. Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows electronic devices like computers, smartphones, iPads, game consoles, etc to communicate over a wireless signal. Very much the same way a radio can tune into a radio station signal over the airwaves, these electronic devices can pick up a signal that connects it to the internet through the air. Indeed, a Wi-Fi signal is a high-frequency radio signal. The most common set of wireless standards you will encounter is the IEEE 802.11. The IEEE updates the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard every few years. The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ax. You can use Wi-Fi to create a hotspot within the range of 20 meters. As you may know, It is less secure than a wired connection because the intruder does not need a physical connection to use the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi alliance trademarked the name Wi-Fi and promoted the technology. The technology is also referred to as WLAN. Wi-Fi is a simple and cost-effective way to connect to the internet without the need for wires. Wi-Fi has definitely become the more popular expression used by most people because of the decreasing cost and the freedom it gives to users' communications through a wide range of electronic devices.

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