[Term of the Day]:Democratization of Technology

[Term of the Day]:Democratization of Technology

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Democratization of Technology 


Definition — What is the Democratization of technology? 

The term 'Democratization of Technology' enables people outside the technology industry to access and use high-tech products and services, which in turn will lead to more rapid developments and innovations in the world. Accessibility to the internet and related technology has drastically changed the world and created conditions for everybody and everything to connect and interact. The early internet could only be accessed by scientists, they used it for communication among them. It wasn’t until the 1990s that innovation became available to everyone on the planet. Ever since that time, the internet has got faster and better at an impressive rate. Now, the platform has made it possible for ideas to be shared easily. It is the main reason why we are currently seeing the democratization of technology. One of the perfect examples of the democratization of technology is the smartphone, today, people have phones with the same power those original computers had and more.

Gartner put democratization of technology on the list of 10 strategical technology trends for 2020. It is defined as “easy access to technical or business expertise without long and expensive learning” The impact of the Democratization of Technology can be seen as one of the most powerful things during the outbreak of COVID-19. This virus disrupted the whole world. Every activity performed by human beings like healthcare services, businesses, school education, etc. has undergone a drastic change. Especially in the case of this medical urgency, connectivity and access to accurate information became a number one priority. If we had not been able to track the movement of the virus and its spread using technology, the number of cases and fatalities would have been higher. With the onset of the pandemic, the government started using contact tracing in order to keep the people safe and used an online dashboard to keep track of migrant workers who were stranded and helped them. Every business employee was advised to work from home, which in turn increased the pressure on the IT infrastructure in organizations. This accelerated the growth and adoption of advanced technology & innovations in every industry and therefore helped the companies become agile, boundary-less, and focused on building a robust infrastructure to enable the employees to work from home efficiently. Also, the implementation of cloud technology in many organizations helped provide cloud services to all the employees who were working remotely and gave a sense of security of both their health and the data of the organization. The COVID-19 pandemic may have caused a lot of disruptions to the economy but has also acted as a unique opportunity for industries to enhance their efforts towards the advancements in technology.

The democratization of technology has the power to change people’s lives, as it opens up a whole host of new opportunities and possibilities.