Technician Replies via Email

Technician Replies via Email


I'm trying to setup the help desk to be as easy as possible, they only want it implemented for performance monitoring, which is dumb because now well fight over tickets whether or not we know how to resolve it.

Anyway we have an issue or maybe its not configured right.
Techs get emailed about a new ticket created, if we reply to that ticket, the reply gets added to the ticket in Service Desk Plus but it adds it as if the requester replied not a technician. 

Also, we don't want users to use the portal. They don't like to learn new things so we aren't bothering with it, but I can only send notifications to requesters with a link to the ticket. I want them see replies in their outlook. Basically the portal is there a repository for us. 

So my main questions:
  1. How do we have email replies from technicians get sent to the requesters email, without a link to ticket.
  2. Technician replies via email/outlook are added to the ticket as requester replies not technician replies.
  3. How do we auto-assign technician as the first replier?