Surface Pro 4 v. OS Deployer

Surface Pro 4 v. OS Deployer

Anybody know how to get Surface Book Pro 4s to boot PXE (and get to my OSDeployer server) when I keep getting the following:

>> Start PXE over IPv4.
Station IP address is xx.xx.xx.xx

Server IP address is xx.xx.xx.xx
NBP filename is bootwiz.bin
NBP filesize is 26624 Bytes
Downloading NBP file...

NBP file downloaded successfully.

>> Start PXE over IPv6.

When I disable IPv6, I get the IPv4 prompts above, however the Surface goes straight into Windows 10 ultimately bypassing PXE.

I'm researching the problem, however any suggestions would be great.

Has anyone been able to push an image to a Surface via PXE? Anyone over at Manage Engine try this?

Thank you,

P.S. Generally speaking, OS deployer is working for us with Dell Computers. In particular we used to have problems with Dell Optiplex 7050s, 7040s, etc. but they were resolved after I posted here:

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