Suggestion for new notification for unassigned tickets

Suggestion for new notification for unassigned tickets

We sometimes run into the case where a request is assigned to a group for an extended period of time but no one in the group picks up the request. In this case, if the user replies with new information or asks for an update on the status of the request, no one sees that email in a timely manner.


I suggest a new option for Technician Groups: "Technicians to notify when conversation is added and no technician is assigned". It would be configured on this screen, similar to how “when a new request is added to the group” and how “when a request in this group is left unpicked” work:


A feature like this would make it less likely for unassigned requests to sit unattended by helping make sure that at least some technician(s) always receive incoming conversations on a ticket, even if no tech is assigned to the request.






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