Stop SQLDBManagerPlus from colleting host details

Stop SQLDBManagerPlus from colleting host details

Hi there,

After adding a sql server to be monitored, I've added SQL Windows Host credentials to collect data for that specific sql server host.

Once I've added these details how can I remove it?

Not talking about editing it, I just want to stop SQLDBManagerPlus from colleting host details. Is that possible?

Also, the Health of my SQL server is very unstable after I've added the host credential. (It keeps coming back with message: 'Events Matched With Rule:[Any Application error].' ).

Why is that? And how do I clear this error without this alert coming back every minute or so...

Even if I wanted to edit host credentials using Edit Monitor link, how do I do that if my SQL Server credential is Windows Authentication? I'm only able to change Host credentials if authentication type is SQL Server Authentication..