SSL Syslog via NXLog Issues

SSL Syslog via NXLog Issues

Hi there, 

We are running Log360 with ELA installed as a component.  I am attempting to ship logs from a Windows device using NXLog to ELA over TLS 6514.

To test, I started with UDP 514 which were successfully received by ELA.

Next TCP 514, which was not successful, is TCP 514 not supported by ELA?

I then tried TCP 6514 using the certificate from Log360 and the logs were NOT received.

Is TCP syslog and SSL syslog supported when sending syslog from Windows devices?  I have a few linux servers setup to send SSL syslog over 6514 and 1514 to ELA without issue, but my Windows syslog via NXLog is only working when configured to send on UDP 514.

Thanks all.

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