some things i would like to see in opmanager

some things i would like to see in opmanager

1. Support for Windows Server 2022, Currently servers are identified as Windows 10

2. Automatic discovery of new drives. Imagine in your device template you have a monitor for "Partition Details of the Device(%)". you add a Windows Server to opmanager perhaps automatically that has only a C:\. Sometime later you add a D:\. The D:\ is never monitored. It would be nice if opmanager could periodically reapply this template so that new drives are automatically monitored.

3. In relation to #2 it would be nice if the "Partition Details of the Device(%)" monitor could exclude certain drives by default. So for example i could specify to monitor C:\ and D:\ but not P:\

4. It would be nice if you could automatically rerun the automatic rules engine on a periodic basis. Imagine you have a rule that detects if SQL service exists and if so associates a monitor to it. Now imagine you create a new server and it get discovered in opmanager, perhaps automatically. Now sometime later you install SQL on that server. Since it was already discovered the sql service will never get monitored.

5. For script monitors i will like to have a way to get text from the script that can be used in a threshhold alert. For example the message "variable" can be created in the script and is sent in a notification email when the service is down. i would like to user this or another method to be able to write a "variable" that can be sent in a threshold alert.

6. For switches / routers. you can launch a terminal from the top bar. It would be nice when clicking on that icon and launching the terminal if a preset command you specify could be run on the switch.

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