Some Nested OU's in "Select Container" Field Won't Load

Some Nested OU's in "Select Container" Field Won't Load


I'm having an issues with "Select Container" functionality, and it doesn't seem to matter where this field shows up. (i.e. I have the some issue with Select Container if its in a user creation template, OU creation, computer management, template rules creation, etc.)

While trying to navigate the tree after clicking "Select Container" some OU's (that I know have sub-OU's) fail to expand in the menu. For example, I have an OU called Staff with 15 or so OU's under it, but if I try to expand Staff, nothing under it shows up.

This is not the case with every OU. There are others (at the same level of my domain's hierarchy) that have no problem expanding and displaying OU's further down. Just the ones I really need to work with, of course...

I have recently done a re-sync of OUs, and any help or advice is appreciated!