Software version shows older one even after patching

Software version shows older one even after patching


Anybody noticed the below problem. Wondering if its just for our environment.

We are pushing patches as released for a few third party applications through Auto Patch Deployment. After successful deployment, the machines shows up in the inventory with very old version as installed. As a matter of fact the version seemed to go backwards (like very older version). But when we check on the individual machine, it has the application version on the latest -- so no issues on the Patch Management module
But when we check the Add/Remove Program list (appwiz.cpl) there the version shows as the older one. And because of that the Inventory also shows up that older wrong version.

In short, the applications are patched up, but all these shows up in the vulnerability reports.

We had seen the issue on Google Chrome and so, we had to run a separate APD to track this. Now Adobe Acrobat Reader DC also started to show this behavior.

Let me know if anybody else out there have a similar issue.
For DTC Support Team --  there is a ticket created on this (1985477)