SNMPv3 - "Authentication failure, bad community string"

SNMPv3 - "Authentication failure, bad community string"

I have just upgraded to Netflow Analyzer 12.3 after running the reinitializeDB.bat from 12.2 and am having trouble getting my device and interface names populated in the database again via SNMP v3. These devices are primarily Cisco routers and I am getting "Authentication failure, bad community string" from my debugs when NFA attempts to retrieve the router and interface names.

I have verified the credentials I've input are correct by using a 3rd-party SnmpWalk tool from the same server running NFA. This tool is letting me pull OIDs without issue.

I've also verified the creds are correct in the "snmpv3credentialdetails" table in the NFA database and compared it to the device pairing in the "snmpcredentialmap" table and am not seeing any discrepancies. I also did length() queries on the username, authpassword, and privpassword to make sure I didn't have any leading or trailing spaces in the strings and the lengths were correct.

Does anyone have any idea what's causing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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