sms configuration %mobNo% variable usage

sms configuration %mobNo% variable usage

Hello, I have a particular question:

my sms provider allows only one method of setting up sms via smtp protocol.

To receive an sms the process is as follows:

I must send an email to an email address provided by my provider with a message body formatted with mandatory fields. among these fields the content of the sms and the recipient telephone number.

Once the email has been received by my supplier if the latter is well formatted then he transforms this sms to send the text of the email to the number also listed in the body of the message.

Here is the content of the expected email:







customizableId :tttt


text: "your code %confirmCode%"





when adss sends this email the variables %confirmCode%" and %mobNo% are translated by adss before sending and my supplier, once the email has been received, in turn sends the content of the TEXT line to the "transformed" number by sms
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in adss I therefore defined in the sms configuration parameters the destination email address of my sms provider and as message content the variable %message%.
Having discovered that this %message% variable has the message defined in the sms verification parameters as its value, I copied and pasted the content expected by my supplier. 

the %mobNo% variable seems to correspond to the user's mobile field in active directory. thus by putting this variable in the message that adss will send to my supplier the number will be automatically replaced by the true value in the ad and the sms will arrive.

On the other hand, in the case where a user does not have a mobile number in the ad, adss will offer the user to register one manually.

But in this case the value %mobNo% is not included and the sms does not send anything.

is it therefore possible that adss transforms the variable %mobNo% by a telephone number whether this number is in the ad or not.

Otherwise having users with mobile number in the ad and others not I am obliged to check who has a number or not and to make them apply a strategy with sms or not. knowing that I want everyone to benefit from the sms functionality.
My problem is somewhat complicated to explain but everything goes through the variable %mobNo%.

If adss allows to fill it even if the number is not in the ad I will be saved. thank you!

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