Show Errors for Additional Field Pick-list Items

Show Errors for Additional Field Pick-list Items

Whenever I am creating an additional field of pick-list items, I always bulk add them. But sometimes I receive an error message and cannot figure out what the system wants me to change. If I bulk add 100 items, I would like an error to tell me, for example, that there is an error with item #4. Even if there isn't a description of the error, it would be helpful to know which item is giving trouble. Right now, the only way to figure out what is allowed in these fields is scaling back to add items one at a time to determine which line item is having the issue.

Primary example is that pick-list doesn't allow for the "&" symbol, which I had to learn by trial and error. If the system marked those items as red, then it would be easy to figure out what the issue is. It would also be helpful if you had knowledge articles that specifically outline this criteria so we know this when configuring additional fields. 

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