SharePoint Manager Plus Version 4.1 Released.

SharePoint Manager Plus Version 4.1 Released.


We have good news!

With the latest version of SharePoint Manager Plus, Version 4.1, SharePoint administration and management is about to get easier than before.Streamlining user access to critical resources is now a walk in the park. 

To cater to the needs of customers across the board we have added a new Professional Edition. The new edition comprises of features that will not only fulfill your demands but also go beyond to make your SharePoint environment as secure as it can be.

Here are a few points on how exactly the new SharePoint Manager Plus will make your workload lighter.

  • Single console control:  Be it a SharePoint server, Office 365 configuration, or hybrid environment, you can now perform targeted or bulk SharePoint user, permission, and group changes.
  • Site collection audit settings: Choose the events that you want to keep an eye on, so that when it happens it is recorded.
  • Get rid of repetitive tasks: Easily copy permissions and group memberships from one user to another, saving time and therefore increasing operational efficiency.
  • Manage groups: Creation and deletion of groups, adding and removing of users is now just a click away. 
  • Manage permissions: Grant, revoke, and copy permissions in a flash. In addition, you can also quickly cross verify user permissions with the "Check Permissions" report to speed up the access granting or denial task.
  • Delegate effectively: Assign group and permission management to corresponding site collection owners by assigning them a technician role in SharePoint Manager Plus.
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