SharePoint Manager Plus build 4405 released!

SharePoint Manager Plus build 4405 released!

Hello Everybody!

We're glad to announce the release of SharePoint Manager Plus' latest build–4405. 
New Features:
  • SharePoint Delegation: You can now granularly delegate farm and site collections management, reporting, auditing, monitoring, and backup capabilities to technicians without modifying their permissions in SharePoint.
  • Help Desk Roles: You can now create custom help desk roles with any actions and assign them to the technicians.

  • Technicians Report: You can now generate a list of all available help desk technicians, along with details such as delegated roles and administrative limits.

  • Technicians Logon Report: You can now generate a list of logon details of help desk technicians, along with details such as their logon status and authentication methods for all their logons.

  • Manage active sessions of technicians: Administrators can now view and manage active product login sessions of all technicians. Technicians can also view and manage their own active product login sessions.


  • Microsoft 365 OneDrive sites will be automatically synced along with reports synchronization. You can view the reports without manually configuring OneDrive sites.

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) package has been upgraded to 1.8.0_362.

  • You can now select all sites at once while generating List, List Items, and All Permissions reports.

  • You can now apply Super Administrator's personalization settings to all help desk technicians.

  • A new column has been added to the Site Wise Users report to identify non-admin users.

  • A new column has been added to Site Collections report for Microsoft 365 SharePoint to identify the site's template

  • You can now disable concurrent logins for product technicians.

  • You can now disable the license expiry notifications generated from the product.

Issues Fixed:

  • An issue in applying AES-encrypted certificates for enabling SSL connection in the product has been fixed.

  • An issue in logging legacy authentication in Azure portal has been fixed.

  • An issue in product memory consumption due to creating a scheduler for List, List Item and Permissions reports has been fixed.

  • An issue in Retention Settings due to insufficient retention period has been fixed.

  • An issue in the All Sites report has been fixed.

How to update?

Update using service pack.


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