shared ipad setup 365 integration with microsoft apps

shared ipad setup 365 integration with microsoft apps

We are predominantly an windows environment.  ManageEngine is linked to ASM.  ASM is linked to AzureAD and the apple ids are azureAD email/UPN with automated sync.  ME is linked to AzureAD for users and groups again with automated sync. Apps are installed by ME and sync'd via apple app management (purchased via ASM).  I install the 365 app suite (outlook, word, excel, powerpoint, teams, sharepoint, onedrive etc)

Ipads are enrolled as shared ipads.  I can log into the ipad as a domain user (i.e. email address and normal domain password).  

What I want to do is "pass along" the UPN/email/logon to 365 apps upon launch.  SSO would be ideal.

I have looked at  and crafted a suitable XML to no avail I have looked at and again I do not seem to be able to deploy an XML config that actually works.  I have enclosed a picture of the outlook XML I have tried.  I have not yet tried to set up word,teams, onedrive etc.

does anyone have a working solution to 365 apps SSO for shared ipads?

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