Share alarms with your in-house apps using our custom outbound integration.

Share alarms with your in-house apps using our custom outbound integration.

AlarmsOne has been allowing you to share alarms with your Help Desk, Team Collaboration, and Project Management tools to raise them as tickets, create bugs, and so on. To integrate with your in-house application and receive alarms from AlarmsOne, we have built a custom outbound integration. AlarmsOne's custom outbound API is a RESTful API that helps you send alarms from AlarmsOne to your custom application.

Adding a custom outbound application is as easy as it gets. Follow the steps below and you're good to go.

Steps to add a custom outbound app:
1. Go to Applications by clicking the Applications icon, then click Applications(+) button in the left panel or click the +Add Application button at the top right corner. Click Outbound at the top. From the list displayed, select Custom API Integration.

2. Enter the Application Label, and paste the Webhook URL to which you want to post the alarm.
3. Enter the Header Value.
4. Now map the fields in AlarmsOne with the fields in the custom application by entering the relevant Key.
5. Click Add to add the application.

Once the integration is complete, create a relevant notification profile and add the outbound application as the recipient of alarms.
Log in to your account now, and try the new custom outbound integration, and share your feedback with us.

Please write to us at if you face any issues using the custom outbound integration.

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