Servlet API and Lower versions Support Update

Servlet API and Lower versions Support Update

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We found a less number of customers are still using the old release build (i.e., less than 9400 Builds (version 9.4)) also using Servlet API's and MYSQL as DB.  
Please note, the support for all the above is already stopped and it is conveyed in different ways to users.

The latest builds (versions - 10.5 and 10507 Build) have many features, bug fixes, and the application is tuned to provide better performance as well. Regarding APIs as all our enhancements are going to be in REST API's only, hence please migrate to our Latest REST APIs instead of Servlet API. Help Document is available here for the same.  Please note only Asset Servlet API is supported and other Servlet API's support is stopped.

Please do the upgrade only in a test environment first and based on the result please do the upgrade on the Production environment. You can contact our support at for any assistance. 

We request your understanding in this regard and take appropriate action.

Thanks for your continuous support
Head Of Quality Assurance and Customer Success Team
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team
Direct Support Number:+1-408-352-9131

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