ServiceDeskPlus requiring DesktopCentral

ServiceDeskPlus requiring DesktopCentral

Just did my upgrade last week and have had problems ever since. My asset inventory is no longer correct in SDP and now have to navigate to DC to see the correct info. To add insult to injury my attempt to contact support has resulted in being hung up on a couple of times and circular conversations that end in a request to call back in 30 min with a 30 min wait to get somebody on the line.

This is a mess.

I had one product I  used for over 10 years and had a lot of faith in that has become a broken product plus new product I didn't even ask for.

The search for a replacement is about to start.

The move is ill-advised and grabs to force me to buy another product in the eco-system.

I am no loger a loyal customer and can no longer reccomend this product or the support provided.