[Solved]ServiceDesk Plus On-premises not loading in Chrome and Edge v.94

[Solved]ServiceDesk Plus On-premises not loading in Chrome and Edge v.94

Dear all,

Recently we faced an issue where the ServiceDesk Plus’s On-premises version did not load in Chrome and Edge browser version 94.xxx. Probing further, we found the following script error : ’Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'autoscroll_offset')'.

The details of the root cause and the fix are as follows,
Root Cause:

      Chrome/Edge has introduced Scheduler API as part of version 94 and has defined variable with name as "scheduler", unfortunately one of the third party javascript library used in our product also had a variable with the same name 'scheduler'. Due to the conflict in this variable name, the scheduler object got overridden and initialisation of our page broke.


      All customers using ServiceDesk Plus version 11128 or above on Chrome version 94 or latest version of Edge will face this issue(web page does not load). 


A quick fix for this issue has been released for 111xx, 112xx, 113xx series of ServiceDesk Plus builds. Please find the download URL for the patches below.

11128 to 11146   -------> 11147

11200 to 11209   -------> 11210

11300 to 11306   -------> 11307

We request you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible in order to prevent or resolve the issue.

Bharatha Selvan.

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