ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.5 - Build - 10502 Released

ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.5 - Build - 10502 Released

Dear User(s)

We released ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.5 - Build - 10502.

Issues Fixed

SDPMSP-12599 : Unable to add/update a Technician when more than 300 sites/ groups associated to the technician.
SDPMSP-13838 : Prototype pollution vulnerability.
SDPMSP-14060 : Xero OAuth 1.0 deprecation is handled.
Note: Existing users must reconfigure all Xero integration settings with OAuth 2.0 after this upgrade.
SDPMSP-14346 : Surveys are not triggered when a condition is set with "is not" criterion.
SDPMSP-14354 : Regenerated bills for a charge per request/fixed charge contract types do not contain requests billed in that cycle.
SDPMSP-14362 : Work logs that are not applicable for the given date range are included in the manually generated bill for a billing contract configured to bill irrespective of request status.
SDPMSP-14370 : Technician location is not shown in maps in certain cases.
SDPMSP-14395 : CSV and XLS formula injection vulnerability in reports.
SDPMSP-14396 : Weak SSL ciphers vulnerability.
SDPMSP-14397 : Remote code execution vulnerability in windows agent scan.

Please do the upgrade only in a test environment first and based on the result please do the upgrade on the Production environment. You can contact our support at for any assistance. 

Following is the support policy of ServiceDesk Plus MSP :

  • Product support will be offered only for builds that are one year old. To continue receiving support, you will have to move to the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Service packs released will be applicable only over the latest available build of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • We stopped MYSQL Database support.
  • The mobile client (MC) is not supported.

We are stopping support for builds/versions less than 10.5 (Build - 10500) by mid of this year. Hence we request our users to upgrade their instance to get further support.

Why upgrade?

By upgrading to the latest version, you get access to the new features that help improve your help desk performance and enhance IT service delivery. With every release, existing bugs are fixed, thus reducing the number of issues or breakdowns you experience with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Thanks for your continuous support

Head Of Quality Assurance and Customer Success Team
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team
Direct Support Number:+1-408-352-9131

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