ServiceDesk Plus analytics: Tracking ticket quality

ServiceDesk Plus analytics: Tracking ticket quality

Good morning, Analytics Plus community,

I wanted to throw out this use case and get some thoughts on tracking the quality of tickets.

We are running SDP V.12.x and also use Analytics Plus for our support desk metrics.  We try to run a disciplined shop. Typically, we spend a lot of time getting our technicians up to speed with training, mentoring, and monitoring.  For some time, we've used a "Kanban" approach to ticket quality, whereby every technician in the ticket lifecycle is responsible for the quality of the ticket, whether at tier-1 or tier-4.  If any technician notices that the ticket has not been "scrubbed" properly, we have a custom field that the technician can select to indicate what about the ticket could have been better (e.g., "Subject not clear," "Mode is incorrect," "Site is incorrect," etc.)

At the end of the week we run the report and show the number of errors and try to address it as a teaching moment for the staff but also use it for friendly competition. (It's usually not punitive.)  Unfortunately, the system has a flaw:  Logically, we would attribute the error to the previous technician, but because we have a multi-tiered system, we can't identify (automatically) where the failure was. That data resides in the history of the ticket.

It's a big ask, but I know this is a creative community. Can anyone think of a workflow that would allow us to automatically identify the "previously technician" and record that entry at the time we set the SR Error field?

I've raised this on the SDP forum, but I wanted to see what people thought.

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