ServiceDesk Plus 9220 Released

ServiceDesk Plus 9220 Released

Dear Users,

SDP 9220 has been released and can be downloaded from the URL below,

New features in 9220

  • SDF-62076 : Request collaboration: If a Technician modifies a request, the modifications are visible to all Technicians accessing that particular request. By default, the request collaboration feature works on port 8081. (If ServiceDesk Plus is configured using an alias URL, make sure you configure the same using 8081). The port number can be changed in server.xml.
  • SDF-59460 : Change module: Field and form rules can be configured in the change module to define the rules that can be executed on a change request form. Field and form rules are executed during the following conditions: after a change form is loaded, when some field in the form is changed, and before a change form is submitted. The rules can be disabled or enabled, wherein the disabled rules will not be applied.
  • SDF-61191 : Purchase module: The purchase request can be created in the early stages of creating a purchase order. Vendor quotes can be attached to a purchase request and sent for approval to the concerned approvers. Once approved, a purchase order can be created from the purchase request.
  • SDF-62837 : Reports module: To ensure stability of the application, a 'stability settings' option along with recommended values has been provided under reports >> custom settings to set up threshold on the number of parallel reports, maximum number of rows per report, and report time out in minutes.
  • SDF-34779 : Self-service portal: Approval reminder notifications can be configured under admin >> self service portal settings to send out notifications to the approvers on pending approvals.

Behavior changes in 9220:

  • Change of default theme from blue to grey.
  • Notes icon turns yellow, whenever a new note is added to a Request. For this to work, press CTRL+SHIFT+R.
  • Assignment of category-based Technicians is now taken into consideration for all edit operations of Requests.
  • Assigning Technicians through Business Rules is of more priority than the Category based Technicians.
  • When a Technician is assigned via either Business Rule or Category and if the assigned Technician is not a part of the Group in the Request, then the Technician is retained rather than the group. However, this behaviour is applicable only for form based Add and Edit Request operations.

Issues Fixed in 9220:

  • SD-51149 : "Rarely used software installations" report does not get generated properly.
  • SD-58916, SD-59427 : Unable to allocate the users to CAL license when the user name contains any umlaut characters (like ä,ö,ü).
  • SD-59868 : Exception is thrown when 'Managed Software' link under Home tab of a remote server is clicked.
  • SD-60549 : Workstation does not get listed under global left panel search, when searched under 'Asset' category using IP address.
  • SD-62401 : Unable to precisely update Software license count.
  • SD-62295 : 'Add Attachment' option is wrongly shown in Software details page.
  • SD-62973 : Technician Auto assign does not work while editing a Service Request.
  • SD-62967 : Migration failure due to the pre-existence of ConstraintName UVHValues_UK1.
  • SD-56892 : The Sub-categories/Items are not loaded properly while viewing a Request in Native App.
  • SD-62490 : Problem while assigning Technicians during Request creation / modification through various modes, like Business Rules / Category based Technicians, is now corrected. (Refer Behavior changes)
  • SD-63449 : Translations fixed in Survey and Project modules in Turkish language.
  • SD-62721 : Unable to edit few Business Rules since Rendering Exception occurs in Business Rules List.

Please refer to the below link for the steps to install the patch.

Edwin Vasantha Kumar
Servicedesk Plus Team