ServiceDesk Plus 14500 Released !

ServiceDesk Plus 14500 Released !

Dear Users,

We're happy to announce that ServiceDesk Plus version 14500 is now available. The latest version introduces behaviour changes , new features and several enhancements to further improve your experience with ServiceDesk Plus.

Change Module Enhancements
  • Change additional fields can be added for all change stages and mapped to relevant change templates.
  • ServiceDesk Plus now support UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and Release stages for Change module.
  • Tasks and Notes tabs are added to all stages in change requests. Users can mention other users in notes using @.
  • Users can now print data from any stage in change requests.
Project Settings
  • Use Project Settings to have an enhanced control over your projects with the following options:
  • Schedule Settings : Fine-tune project schedules and their child entities effortlessly.
  • Cost Settings : Include costs from project child entities to accurately calculate the project's actual cost.
  • Closure Settings : Define permissions for project and child entity operations when they reach completion status.
Problem Templates
  • ServiceDesk Plus now allows you to create templates for frequently created problems by including necessary fields and auto-populating them.
  • Admins can create problem templates under Admin > Templates & Forms > Problem Templates.
  • Problem Form and Details page is revamped for better usability and enhancements
Global Search Enhancements
  • Search Across in the global search allows users to search for information across modules and view the results in one place.
  • Currently, technicians can search across Requests, Archived Requests, Solutions, Users, and Assets modules.
Zia Bot Workflow Customization
  • Zia Workflow enables you to create a directional path for the various actions configured within the Zia Bot.
Additional fields for task
  • Use task additional fields to capture any extra information in tasks apart from the information captured through the default fields.
Separate Outgoing Mail Server for Sending Common Notifications
  • SDOrgAdmins can set up outgoing mail server settings in ESM Directory to enable ServiceDesk Plus to send application specific notifications such as two-factor authentication, backup scheduling notifications etc.
Two-Factor Authentication in mobile application
  • Two factor authentication (TFA) is now supported in the ServiceDesk Plus mobile application. The mobile application needs to be updated to use TFA.
Report Enhancement
  • Export, schedule, and mail reports in DOC, DOCX, and XML formats. Only tabular and query reports can be exported in XML format.
  • Users can enable/disable their scheduled reports.
  • Administrators can suspend or reinstate all the scheduled reports.
  • Configure a location to save a report while scheduling it.
  • Clicking a report chart will now direct you to the respective list view. This is applicable only for the charts created with data related to Requests and Assets.
Mobile App Mode
  • For requests created via ServiceDesk Plus mobile application, mode will be auto-updated as Mobile App.
Custom Schedules Enhancements
  • Administrators can run custom schedules daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. While configuring schedule info, select a repeat period and enable Advanced Options check box.
  • Custom schedules can be configured to repeat endlessly, end after certain repetitions, or on a specific date.
Project Module Enhancements
  • Administrator can select Allow technician to view resource management while configuring roles to enable technicians to view resource management under Home tab.
  • Users with View Project permission can be configured as project owners.
  • While testing project custom functions, administrators can execute the custom function only on projects where they are added as the owner.
Support Group Enhancements
  • Introducing Support Group V3 API. This marks the end of Support Group Servlet API (/sdpapi/admin/supportgroup). Refer Support Group V3 API documentation available in the application (API DocTool) for details.
Diable Rate Limit
  • Administrators can now disable rate limit for all actions and operations performed in ServiceDesk Plus under Admin/ESM Directory > General Settings > Security Settings.
You can read the entire list of improvements rolled out in the latest release here and download the servicepack here.

You can also try our demo before going forward with the upgrade.

Note : The correct patch name for the 14500 servicepack is ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus_14_4_0_SP-1_0_0.ppm

Edwin Vasantha Kumar
Servicedesk Plus Team

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