ServiceDesk Plus 12000 Released !

ServiceDesk Plus 12000 Released !

Dear Users,

ServiceDesk Plus version 12000 is now available. This version brings a host of new features and enhancements that improve the ServiceDesk Plus experience.

Release Management in ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus now supports Release Management in the IT help desk. Release management allows you to plan, build, test, and deploy releases to the production environment. A release can be defined as the process of delivering a set of authorized changes to IT services in a controlled environment.

Zia Bot

Zia, Zoho's AI assistant for business, is available as a virtual conversational support agent, Zia Bot. You can now ask Zia to perform 20 different help desk operations including raising requests, assigning technicians to requests, viewing solutions/announcements.

Other quality-of-life improvements:

* Curate custom product tours to improve self-service portal adoption.
* Configure webhooks for the Request module to enable users to call an external URL or API to facilitate communication between ServiceDesk Plus and any third-party application.
* Incident, service request, and release template customizations now support up to four columns and up to 12 fields in a single row.
* Configure custom notification sounds for chat messages, broadcast messages, announcements, and technician notifications.

You can read the entire list of improvements rolled out in the latest release here.

Existing customers looking to upgrade ServiceDesk Plus to the latest version (12000) can reach out to us at, and we would be more than happy to assist you!

Try our demo before upgrade.

Note: Service Pack will be officially released by November Second Week.

Edwin Vasantha Kumar
ServiceDesk Plus Team