ServiceDesk Plus 11300 Released !

ServiceDesk Plus 11300 Released !


Dear Users,


ServiceDesk Plus version 11300 is now available. This version brings a host of new features and enhancements that improve the ServiceDesk Plus experience.


Make way for better ticket template and category predictions with Zia.


Zia, our AI-powered assistant, now suggests both ticket categories and templates during ticket creation to help users submit the most relevant information. Zia continuously learns from the data in the application. She inspects every incoming request and learns user behavior to improve ticket category and template predictions.


Each of Zia's predictions is recorded and can be evaluated and marked as a correct or incorrect prediction by the user. This feedback will be used to re-equip Zia with training data, enabling the bot to make better-informed decisions in the future.


Improve asset discovery with the new, unified agent.


The new agent from ManageEngine Desktop Central offers improved asset discovery, remote control, and warranty tracking capabilities and is available for all ServiceDesk Plus users with the Professional and Enterprise editions. This transition to a unified agent helps harness Desktop Central's agent-based asset discovery capabilities and more in ServiceDesk Plus.


Learn more about the new, unified agent here.


If you are an existing customer looking to upgrade your ServiceDesk Plus instance to the latest version (11300), please reach out to us at; we'd be more than happy to assist you.


Also, be sure to sign up for the live demonstration of the unified asset discovery agent on July 8, 2021.


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Leverage the new ServiceDesk Plus add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Good news for Outlook users: ServiceDesk Plus is now available as an add-in for Outlook. Using this add-in, users can raise requests and track their progress from their Outlook mailbox. Technicians can also perform a variety of ticket actions, like editing, picking up, or even assigning requests, without leaving Outlook.


Other quality-of-life improvements:


  • Design resource sections that can be reused in multiple service templates.

  • Automatically associate IT assets with sites based on the asset’s IP address.

  • Improve the user experience with reimagined UI elements across header quick links, global search, and more.

  • Move error emails that stop the mail fetching schedule to a separate folder and continue processing the next email.


You can read the entire list of improvements rolled out in the latest release here.


Take a quick tour of our new features.

Try our demo before upgrade.

Edwin Vasantha Kumar
Servicedesk Plus Team